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Brandon Byrne is officially recognized Real Estate Broker representing Los Cabos, Mexico. If you’re looking to relocate to Cabo, purchase a second home, or sell your investment property, as a highly skilled professional and while working hands on with the rest of the real estate team you’ll be ensured your Los Cabos real estate transaction is smooth and successful. Possessing negotiating skills, insider knowledge of the region, legal expertise and professional integrity – you can count on them, whether you’re looking for prime beachfront land or a cozy condo for family getaways. But don’t take our word for it. Read what others have to say about the level of service, the caring manner in which clients are carried from start to finish and how dealing with Brandon and team is like working with good friends while making one of the biggest decisions in life… buying or selling real estate.

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Brandon was born and raised in Los Angeles, California in the media capital of Burbank. After completing his education, he jumped right into the workforce working in sales and consulting. While he honed his sales and people skills, he branched out into studying business as well as electrical engineering in college and eventually operating his own company performing repairs, troubleshooting faults and planning and installing complete wiring systems for new residential homes and commercial projects. It was during his time working with homebuilders and developers that Brandon caught the real estate bug. Soon, he began working with Ramsey-Schilling – a major commercial and residential real estate firm serving the greater Los Angeles area. In 2001, while all things electrical were still a passion of his, real estate sales and investment took center stage.

A vacation to Los Cabos opened up a world of new possibilities. First, he fell in love with the area, the people and lifestyle. Next, he saw incredible opportunity in this fast growing tourist destination – both in representing buyers and sellers in real estate transactions and in the potential for successful long-term investment in the region’s economy. Things changed for Brandon in 2008 when he made the move to full-time living and working within the real estate community in Cabo San Lucas. While much has changed around him, Brandon remains the same affable and honest person his parents raised him to be. The only real difference is that he was able to trade-in his suits and ties for shorts and sandals – all because he chose to set his roots in what he considers to be one of the best places to live, Los Cabos!

Brandon has over fifteen years of experience working as a real estate sales representative here in our local economy alone. As of 2015, he decided to make the adjustment of setting up his own real estate brokerage in order to solidify his long term commitment and to continue to grow and succeed within Los Cabos and Baja California Sur.

Real Estate Agent San Lucas


Providing personalized, hands-on service for home buyers, sellers, developers and investors, Brandon and team continues to keep abreast of the real estate market to ensure you achieve a fair price. Buying or selling a property in Mexico can be a daunting experience without the assistance of qualified professionals. They can help you avoid costly missteps by guiding you through the Mexican real estate process. Explore the wonderful world of Cabo real estate and make your dream of home ownership or vacation property investment a reality.

Brandon and his Real Estate Team of Sales Agents are all with good standing credentials. Both, members of A.M.P.I. (Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios) they conform to all code of ethics and rules of the industry. Members of the Los Cabos Flex MLS and NAR, they’re also registered and recognized worldwide as International Realtors.

In addition to their membership in A.M.P.I. and NAR, Brandon is recognized throughout Mexico for his valued competency as Mexican Real Estate Professionals having completed National Level Education accredited by the Secreteria de Education Publico (SEP). Their distinction as Certified Real Estate Agents (Conocer Mexico) places them in an elite class – the vast majority of individuals acting as real estate agents in Mexico do not hold these professional licenses or official designations. Currently, 16 of the 31 Mexican States require this licensing to legally represent real estate transactions. Within the State of Baja California Sur less than 10% of all Los Cabos Real Estate, MLS and AMPI Members hold this title.

Whenever he enjoys some time off, going to Medano Beach, where laying in the sun sipping on margaritas can be an option. When it’s time for some activities walking the dogs comes first followed by diving, fishing or off to the locals’ beaches on the Touristic Corridor for some awesome snorkeling and swimming. During the evenings, a nice walk down the Marina is the perfect “date” where it can be easy to jump into one of the many restaurants or just bump into friends to enjoy some catching up.